Sign-Show Software App.

IMC's Sign-Show software lets you create slide shows with word processor files. Schedule time delays for each file and automatically store files on the internet or USB stick. The number of files in your slide show is limited only by storage space and slide shows can be viewed with any internet browser. Sign-Show can connect to any internet FTP server and provides a simple interface for managing files stored on the server. IMC's Sign-Show software is included with the IMC SignAll Display System and is also available seperately from IMC. Contact IMC to purchase or for more information.


Sign-Show Manual  Sign-Show User's Manual     


SignAll Templates

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Template #1Template #2Template #3
 Template #1                              Template #2                               Template #3
Template #3Template #5Template #6
 Template #4                              Template #5                                Template #6
Template #7Template #8Template #9
 Template #7                             Template #8                              Template #9
Template #10Example #1           Template User's Guide      
       Template #10                                Example #1                             Template User's Guide

IMC SignAll templates and examples are provided at no charge and IMC makes no guarantee of compatibility with specific word processors or applications. IMC may change, update or modify these files and their availability at any time.

Keycode Encoder programming utility software is included with the purchase of any IMC keyboard or encoder product.  Additional copies are available for download from IMC.  For access to this file please Contact IMC to receive an email link.

Keycode Utility App.

- Emulate Standard USB HID Keyboards And Mice With Custom Controls And Mechanisms
- Configure Discrete Or Matrix Switch Inputs To Respond As Standard Keyboard And Mouse Inputs
- Keyboard Responses Can Be Single Characters, Strings Of Characters And Special Characters
- Program Or Re-Configure IMC Keyboards And Keypads At Any Time Through The USB Interface